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1 Year Anniversary Trip to Beaver Lake, Arkansas- Part 1: Arkansas Lifestyle Photographer

Long time, no see! I’ve been a busy bee lately and can’t wait to show my photography blog some love. I’ve been busy posting over at Sweet Miles, and enjoying some extra time with Adam and Truckee. If you haven’t noticed, Sarah Ingle Photography is in the middle of getting a makeover, so hold tight while it all comes together. I woke up one morning and was over my love for all things chevron, so, I changed it. Because I can. And that’s awesome.

I finally had time to go through our one year trip pictures and get them up here for you to see! They’re not the best pictures ever and I didn’t spent much time fixing them up, but I also wanted to fully enjoy our trip and not worry too much about the pictures 🙂 We had a BLAST. The weather was PERFECT and we loved being secluded from everything and everyone and just having time to ourselves. I vote we take a trip like this every year.

Beaver Lake is in northwest Arkansas, almost up near Missouri. Our Little Cabin In The Woods was 2 miles off a paved road, then another 2 miles off the MAIN road. Talk about private! We loved every second of driving the wooded gravel road down to the lakeside cabin, and being out in the woods in the middle of nowhere. We already want to go back to that little cabin!

We loved how the cabin was decorated. It was pretty much adorable, so of course I took a ton of pictures of it. Don’t worry, I just picked out my favorites for the blog. I could post and post and post details of this cabin, but you would probably not appreciate that. The lake was just a short little jaunt through the woods down to the dock. I think we saw a deer almost every time! The water at Beaver Lake was gorgeous! It was so clear every day, and the pictures just don’t do it justice. But trust me, it was super pretty.

Enjoy Part 1! I’m trying to post them in the order they happened so our vacay makes a little more sense.

Part 2 soon! More from Eureka Springs and our anniversary cake 🙂

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