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Baby Andrew: A Christmas Blessing – Searcy Newborn Photographer

This family, ya’ll. They are the sweetest, and have the biggest hearts! They have been through so much together, and spending time with them, and listening to their story leaves you in awe of God’s faithfulness. Meet: Nicole and Whit Jordan, and their littlest love, Andrew. Andrew is their third child, after big sis Katherine, and big bro Elijah. He is certainly a little miracle, and is going to be the best little brother I do believe!


Elijah is their angel baby, who passed away on Christmas Eve 2013 due to trisomy 13, meaning he had 3 copies of his 13th chromosome. Nicole and Whit do an amazing job at keeping his memory alive, and beam with pride when talking about him. These photos were extra special because we were able to incorporate several very unique pieces of memorabilia.

“The {cream} blanket was given to us by the family of a dear college friend of mine at that time. It originally just had Elijah’s name embroidered on it, but we are adding our other children’s names to it as they are born. The crib is a very old antique and has held 7 generations of babies in my family (I think).The bear was custom made for us by an organization called Molly Bears that makes bears that are the weight of the deceased baby, so the bear weighs exactly what Elijah did.”

Sweet little Andrew spent the majority of our session bright eyed and bushy tailed, but finally dozed off for some sweet Christmas poses. We snuck in some quick family/sibling photos at the very end, but all parties involved were pretty much “over it” by then, but I just had to include a slightly hilarious photo of a very tired Katherine with her new baby brother. I mean, doesn’t everyone feel this way at some point about their sibs?

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