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Baby Baylor – Little Rock Newborn Photographer

World, meet baby Baylor Clayton! The sweet Boyd family welcomed their second child, and baby brother to big sis, Charlotte in late December. Baylor is absolutely adorable, and his squishy lips are enough to just melt your heart! We met Heath and Amanda Boyd, and their (then) family of three at church a year or two ago, and have so enjoyed getting to see their family grow!


Amanda and I took these newborn photos when Baylor was around twelve days new. It was a chilly, dreary day so we hunkered down inside and got him to snuggle up in the nursery, and on his favorite deer skin rug. I honestly don’t even think he cried at all, except to eat about halfway through. And, he is so funny – as hard as we tried to get him to curl up on his tummy, he wanted nothing more than to perch on his little toes and do his own thing!

Baylor is sure to be a little heart throb, and his big sister is already beaming with pride! I’m sure they will go on many grand adventures together!

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    Don Boyd
    January 12, 2017 at 2:52 am

    Wow!! Beautiful pictures very professionally done!

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