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Seeing how I’m trying to improve my domestic skills in the kitchen, I wanted to find a fun dessert to take with us to our Easter festivities. I found this recipe a couple weeks ago thru a food blog that I like to follow, here. It easssiillly looked like something I could whip together without much thinking, so I tried it to make sure it fit the bill. I’m almost a little embarrassed to be sharing such an EASY recipe, but my husband and I both love it and it can be altered to fit just about any holiday! I’m all for having a sweet snack laying around…most of the year! This time around, I documented the process and here’s how it went!

The only ingredients you need are…

Yep, that’s it! Pretzels, 2 bags of light or unbuttered popcorn, vanilla almond bark (or something similar), sprinkles, and the relevant holiday’s version of M&M’s.

1st- Pop the popcorn, and take out AS MANY kernels as possible! Trust me, it hurts when you bite down into a clump only to have struck a kernel in one of your molars! It’s impossible to seed them all out, but just get the ones you can!

You’ll need an extra large bowl, especially after you do the next two steps- adding in the broken pretzel pieces and M&M’s.

Use your hands to mix everything to together as much as possible. The candy and pretzels tend to sink straight to the bottom, so I like to split everything up into two bowls from here on out. (It makes the next step a little more manageable!)

You’ll melt 3-4 blocks of almond bark per bowl, then pour over your popcorn/candy mix and fold everything together so it all gets covered. Having it all split into two bowls makes it easier to mix, and the almond bark sets pretty fast too, so you want to be sure and do the final step- adding sprinkles- before it gets too hard!

I was surprised at how many sprinkles I had to use to cover everything. It seemed like they just kept disappearing! We may have had a bit of an accident too…let’s just say Truckee now knows what sprinkles taste like.

Once you’ve got the sprinkles on and it’s all mixed up, I like to put it in the fridge for about 5 minutes (or less!!) to take the heat out so it sets even quicker. Don’t leave it in the fridge very long because then all of the candy gets stuck to the bottom of the bowl. Once everything is set and cooled off, break it apart and put it in a good container. YUMM!

I used one of our leftover big mason jars from our wedding reception. Usually though a dinky glad tupperware works just fine! I’m excited to alter this recipe for whatever holiday is coming up…

4th of July- use red and blue M&M’s

Christmas- use Mint M&M’s and little peppermint crumbles

Halloween- use halloween themed M&M’s, and maybe some candy corn??

You get the point.

Easy Schmeazy and feeds a ton of people! Or just you and your husband for a day or two, if you’re anything like us 🙂

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