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Eliza and Dasher: a Sibling Mini Session – Little Rock Child and Family Photographer

A few weeks ago I met up with a sweet mama friend from church and her two beautiful babes! Eliza, 4, and Dasher, 2, are blonde haired beauties, each bursting with hilarious and big personalities! Their mom, Treece, confessed she really didn’t have any photos of the two of them together, so it was our mission to capture at least ONE decent photo of big sis and little bro both smiling at the camera, acting like they like each other. I believe we were successful, and I’ve been loving all of the colors in these photos. Eliza wore the perfect “twirling” dress and Dasher wore a handsome button up. I can’t get over their blonde hair, both the perfect shade for that late summer golden light to reflect on!


I might also mention that it was approximately 9847593 degrees on the night we took these, but the kids were such troopers. You’d never know it was so, so, SO hot and they both were so well behaved with instructions.

Here are my favorites from our time together. Enjoy!

2016-09-19_001 2016-09-19_002 2016-09-19_003 2016-09-19_004 2016-09-19_005 2016-09-19_006 2016-09-19_007 2016-09-19_008 2016-09-19_009 2016-09-19_011 2016-09-19_012 2016-09-19_013 2016-09-19_014 2016-09-19_015 2016-09-19_016 2016-09-19_017 2016-09-19_019 2016-09-19_020 2016-09-19_0222016-09-19_0212016-09-19_023 2016-09-19_0242016-09-19_0252016-09-19_026

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