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Hill Family: Little Rock Family Photographer

After a bit of a hiatus from photography, I’m getting back into the swing of things. I took some time off to enjoy our new home, take time to decorate and enjoy the process, and enjoy every second with our puppy, Truckee. She has been such a handful and has brought Adam and I more joy than we thought was possible! Right now, we’re perfectly content being doggie-parents. She is keeping my maternal bucket full. I was recently blessed with a Monday-Fri 8-5 job, and am guaranteed weekends off, so my second passion other than being a wife now has plenty of time! I’m so excited!!

I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t posted these photos yet! Geeze louise time flies when you’re a newlywed, buying a house, getting a puppy, changing jobs, and surviving an epic snow storm. I hate behind behind more than anything, so as soon as I got a few minutes today, (my husband left his girls home all weekend for a camping trip with the dudes) I got right back on it!

Meet: the Hill family. We met Keith back in late September when we started looking at buying a house. We saw a house listed online that we wanted to go look at, and the person that I ended up emailing as the contact for the property ended up being Keith, and a few weeks later he had helped us find our dream newlywed home and buy it as easy as 1-2-3. We were so incredibly blessed by helpful, kind, people throughout the entire house buying process. It was the biggest decision my husband and I made since being married, and did it hours away from both of our parents! Anyways, later on in October Keith mentioned to me that he and his sweet wife would like some new family photos taken for some Christmas gifts. So, we put it on the calendar, and on the prettiest fall day ever we headed out and captured some oh so cute moments!

Both Mr and Mrs Hill were so much fun to work with, but what made it even more fun were their two little girls! One was a little silly, one a little shy, but they always met in the middle and I think we got some good shots! Here are my favorites from our sunny afternoon session, enjoy!

PS, if you’re looking into buying a home in the Little Rock/ Maumelle area or know someone who is, Keith Hill with Keller Williams is wonderful!!! We had so much fun with him, and couldn’t have asked for a better realtor!

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