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Kramer Family: Silas and Jetta – Little Rock Family Photographer

A few weeks ago, on what was yet again a beautiful but crazy hot fall evening, I had the pleasure of meeting up with the Kramer family for a mini session in their own backyard. They’d sent me photos of their backyard via email so I’d have an idea of what to expect, but the photos certainly didn’t convey the PERFECT position of the sun setting through the trees! Talk about the perfect location – their backyard ended up being a magical little photographer’s heaven.

The kiddos, Silas and Jetta, were so much fun to play with! Silas is hilarious, and while he wasn’t exactly interested in taking photos, we still managed to bribe him into a few good shots! Jetta on the other hand, was workin’ every angle she could! I think they’ve got a baby model on their hands – this girl could turn it on and off like nobody’s business! And, she never cried. In fact, I don’t even think she let out a single peep! Can every 9 month old be this easy??

Anyways, this family is adorable, their kids are precious, and here are my favorites!

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