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Lillian Turns Two: Bradbury Family – Little Rock Family Mini Session Photographer

A couple weeks ago, I hosted a flash-mini session day where I shot 5 mini-mini sessions for a discounted price. A mini session marathon day might actually be a better term for it! I’m finally getting around to sharing the sessions from that day, and first up is the beautiful Lillian Bradbury, and the Bradbury family.


Miss Lillian turned two on October 10, and is such an adorable and hilarious little girl. She’s almost exactly one year older than Adeline, so it’s been fun to watch her month after month and have a better idea of what to expect! Her mama, Lauren was a coworker of mine, and sat an office over throughout my entire pregnancy, and first few months back to work. Needless to say, she was a huge fellow new-mom support system!

For these photos, we had about 20 minutes to capture a very quick moving target! This girly girl is so much fun, but she is constantly on the move! I think we captured her little big personality though, and got a few smiles out of her!

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