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Newcomb Family: Sunny Fall Annual Photos – Little Rock Couple Photographer

Matt and Kara are the type of people you want to be friends with. They are both the kindest souls, hilarious, and Kara’s ability to consistently cook amazing desserts is 100%. Oh, and they know how to throw adorable¬†themed house parties. We first met this sweet couple a few years ago at church, and we all ended up in the same small group. We’ve loved getting to know them, and having them “on our team!”

fall photos little rock

These two love birds were in need of some updated photos for Christmas Card season, and yes, they are that cute couple who never misses their annual photo session. A couple after my own heart! We snapped these during my mini-session marathon day, and lucky for them they had the last session of the day which meant the lighting was my favorite. The color palette of their outfits fit perfectly with the newly changed fall foliage, and I love how they turned out.

2016-11-15_001 2016-11-15_002 2016-11-15_003 2016-11-15_004 2016-11-15_006 2016-11-15_007 2016-11-15_008 2016-11-15_009 2016-11-15_010 2016-11-15_011 2016-11-15_012 2016-11-15_013

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