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Personal: Barrett 12-18 Months

It’s been a minute since I’ve fired up this old thing – so hello there! I finally took a few minutes to compile all of my favorite personal photos of Barrett that best represent the 12-18 months stage.

He has been so much fun getting to know, but he is one tough cookie when it comes to staying still for photos! Adeline was the easiest toddler model there ever was, but our Bear man is way too busy for posing! As a photographer at heart, it hurts me a little bit to have to settle for slightly blurry, always-on-the-go photos, but they perfectly capture his personality and never-ending joy. He’s basically a bulldozer inside, and an Olympic sprinter outside, and somehow always either has crumbs on his mouth or snot on his nose. Regardless, he is my favorite human ever (next to big sis), and I still can’t believe he is officially past the 18 months mark! It’s truly all been a blur, but a blur I would choose to do again 1,000 times.

I’m already daydreaming about bluebonnet photos, but am convinced nothing will top last year’s!

12 Months

15 Months

15.5 Months

16 Months

18 Months

We love you forever, Bear! Happy 1.5 years of life!

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