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Trip to St. Louis: Arkansas Lifestyle Photographer

Saturday morning we woke up at the butt crack of dawn. Literally. My alarm went off at 4:45, yuck. We were out the door by a little after 5:00, and successfully made our 7:05 flight to STL. All 50 minutes of our flight went by without a single bump, and when we landed, we were welcomed by a blustery 21 degrees. 21 degrees. 21 degrees. I don’t think we could have picked a colder weekend if we had tried! It was bone chillingly cold. Maybe because we had to stand around and wait for the MetroLink, and then walk several blocks to our hotel, and then walk walk walk some more, but it was COLD! If the weather had been warmer, walking everywhere would have been a blast, but we pretty much froze our tooches off. Worth it? Of course. We still had a blast and managed to get some much needed sleep in. Here are a few phone pics. After carrying my nice camera in my purse for oh, a second, I decided my phone was the way to go. After all, I wasn’t getting paid for these pictures so I really didn’t care 🙂

The “attractions” we did were: the Gateway Arch & the Museum of Westward Expansion, Rooster’s, Laclede’s Landing, Hannegan’s Pub, Delmar Loop, Pi Pizzeria, and the City Museum. And maybe a casino. Once or twice. Maybe. In between all of this we slept. Who says you can’t get extra sleep on vacation?! I would like to vent for a second about the City Museum. Poopoo on everyone who told us, “the city museum is like a playground for adults! you’ll have so much fun! you could spend an entire day there! there’s lots of fun and neat things for adults to climb and play on! you could explore the museum for a day and still not see everything!” Negative. The second we walked in I think we knew we had made a mistake. There were at least 948573058 screaming children running around like chickens with their heads cut off. I think had it not been 9 blocks from our hotel, we would have walked out and moved on to the next thing on our list, but we had heard so many GREAT things about it that we decided to stay and stick it out. Also, we took a shuttle from our hotel so really we would HAVE to walk back if we left. And again, it was cold. So, we put on our “we love other people’s screaming children” faces, and braved the City Museum. We ended up finding a few gems that we both actually ended up enjoying. #1- the giant climbing tubes and playground outside. It was like a massive modern tree-fort, pretty cool actually! Until Adam became injured, which is another story. #2- the arcade, that game where you strategically drop a quarter into the slot in hopes that the machine will then drop another quarter off the ledge to push off a bunch of other quarters into the bucket, thus making you $2 richer instantly. #3- the kid circus, sounds lame, and it maybe was, but we were AMAZED at how talented these pre-teens were. Pretty sure I can’t stand on one hand and balance on 4 stacked chairs. AND I’m pretty sure I can’t juggle 6 bowling pins at one time and flip them off my shoulders. Needless to say, we were glad we stayed to watch the kid circus. We finally decided we had trudged around the musuem enough and began our long walk back to the hotel, gladly this time because the museum was crowded and stuffy!

We flew back to Little Rock yesterday, and we absolutely could NOT wait to go pick up the Trucksters. We talked about how much we missed her over the weekend no less than 10 times. We just love her and we couldn’t believe how much we missed her floppy ears and sad eyes!! If we missed our puppy that much, I can’t imagine what it will be like to miss our baby! She *may* have slept in the bed with us last night too. I didn’t have the heart to lock her up again after her boarding! She told me that they treated her like a DOG! Can you believe that?! I think Truckee now officially knows she is an animal and not a person. Someone’s gotta break it to her! It might be awile before she sleeps on the bed again though. I was awoken in the middle of the night by the loudest snoring I have ever heard in my entire life. Louder than my grandmother, louder than either one of my parents, and louder than my husband. Truckee’s snoring could put your snoring to shame, X’s a million. No matter how hard I would poke her and try to get her to roll over or change positions, that cold wet nose would still snore right in my ear. Even Adam woke up at one point wondering where that awful noise was coming from, and he can sleep thru a tornado. She’s probably going to need a sleep-apnea machine at the rate she’s going. And she’s not even full grown yet! I thought only Pugs and fat cats snored. Boy was I wrong!

I was able to get my 10-mile run in last night as well! I was shocked! Remember when I said I took some time off? Well I hadn’t run a single mile since LAST Monday night’s 8 miler. My 10 miler was…easy? I couldn’t believe how great it felt. I guess it really does pay to rest your legs and body. I finished the 10th mile at a pace 30 seconds faster than the previous 9 miles and felt like I could keep going! That’s the best feeling ever- to hit your goal and still feel like you could go farther. But it was almost time for The Bachelor so I had to succumb to my guilty pleasure and head home. Monday nights are when Adam goes and hangs out with his dude friends almost religiously, so I made a delicious smoothie and hunkered down for a night of girly TV with my Truckee. And then I ate everything in sight. Plus a Hershey bar.

On tonight’s agenda is editing Jenn’s bridal photos!! I have to get them to her this week so she’ll have plenty of time to order one for her lovely reception, in just 25 days! Which also means, my birthday is in 25 days! Turning 24 seems pretty uneventful though, so I’m excited to spend the entire day celebrating my best friend’s marriage! Woohoo!

I think I have some older sessions I still need to blog as well, so be on the look out for those!

I’ll leave you with some actual photos, and not crappy cell phone pics because those hurt my heart. Truckee portrait time!

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