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Storey Family: Jackson Turns 8 Months – Little Rock Family Photographer

Sometimes you go into a mini session thinking, “Oh, he’s just 7-8 months old, this will be easy peasy!” Wrong! World, meet the Storey family, and their sweet baby Jackson!

Morgan, Aaron, Jackson and I headed out to Pinnacle Mountain State Park for an early morning session a couple weeks ago. It was still pretty warm, and the leaves weren’t quite in fall mode yet, but I think we were able to ‘fake it’ enough and with Morgan’s perfectly coordinated fall color outfits, I think we succeeded.


So Jackson isn’t just sitting in one place, like I thought he would. Jackson is a crawling machine! He is oh so adorable, and his huge smile is absolutely infectious, but that kid can move! And fast! I think we all got a workout during his shoot, and I know he must keep his mama on her toes at home.

Poor baby was also starting to come down with a cold, so he was a little snotty, and a little drooly, but isn’t that just life? He was a trooper, and I don’t think he let out a single cry. I’m imagining he passed out hard in the car on the way home though!

Here are my favorites…enjoy!

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