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the wedding post: another feature!

Thanks to the lovely ladies at The Wedding Post of Arkansas, Jenn’s bridals were featured yesterday! Here’s two quick screen grabs. Happy Monday!

Check it out, HERE.

This weekend was so wonderful! We made the drive back to the Pence homeland and had a jam-packed weekend, including: one family breakfast, taking our family spring photo, getting new tires on my car, shopping, attending a wedding of a sweet high school friend, meeting two of my best friends’ fiance’s, church, seeing my grandparents, loving on my 3 month old baby cousin, and cleaning up a monster accident thanks to the Trucksters. Can’t wait to go through my pictures from the weekend! I can’t believe I didn’t even TAKE my camera to the wedding…it was so nice to just be a guest and not think about a single thing! Even though my mind was reeling with ideas, it was quite enjoyable to socialize freely 🙂

My new MacBook Pro came in on Thursday, and I’m bursting at the seams to get everything migrated over and get back to work on my sessions! I’m so excited to not be working with a dinosour of a macbook anymore. I already feel so much more efficient and up to date in the technology world. Thank you tax returns, you are a beautiful thing!

Over and out, lots to do lots to do!

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