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Waiting On Sutton James: Henry’s Big Brother Session – Little Rock Maternity Photographer

It’s not secret that our family has had lots of big changes over the past couple years! First came Henry, then came Adeline, and now we’re waiting on baby #3 – Sutton James! Daniel and Jennifer are patiently waiting on their second sweet son, due to arrive in early December! Big brother Henry couldn’t be more excited, and will gladly tell you that he is getting a baby brother for Christmas and he’s in mommy’s belly. He also excitedly told me baby brother’s name before his mommy and daddy did, and as his aunt, I may have slightly encouraged it!


When Daniel and Jennifer were here for Adeline’s birthday this weekend, we took some time one night to head out to the park for a “Big Brother” session to document this special time! I took them over to one of my favorite spots, and I love how these turned out. Jennifer had some great ideas, and some great bribery (toy cars always seem to do the trick) and Henry did fantastic. Getting 2 1/2 year olds to cooperate is always pretty tricky, but Henry rocked his photos, and even got to help me a bit.

Here are my favorites from our session. Isn’t Jennifer beautiful??

2016-10-26_001 2016-10-26_002 2016-10-26_003 2016-10-26_004 2016-10-26_006 2016-10-26_007 2016-10-26_008 2016-10-26_009 2016-10-26_010 2016-10-26_011 2016-10-26_012 2016-10-26_013 2016-10-26_014 2016-10-26_015 2016-10-26_016 2016-10-26_017 2016-10-26_018 2016-10-26_019 2016-10-26_020 2016-10-26_021 2016-10-26_022

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